Service & solutions portfolio


Service & solutions portfolio

IT audit | Expertise | Consulting

1. Expertise of commercial offers of suppliers
2. Expertise of design documentation:

  • assessment of the quality of the development of functional requirements for the system, preparation of recommendations for revision
  • assessment of the quality of the development of technical specifications, preparation of recommendations for revision
  • expertise of the technical project documentation, preparation of recommendations for revision

3. Expertise of architectural solutions – structure, functionality, internal interaction, interaction with external systems, technologies used, etc.
4. Functional expertise – an assessment of the completeness and quality of the designed functionality. Assessment of the results for compliance with the requirements of the technical specifications and design decisions
5. Expertise of the effectiveness of customer investments in IT-technologies
6. IT audit, analysis and assessment of the need to create / upgrade, implement information systems
7. Risk assessment of IT projects

Service & solutions portfolio

Design IT systems, infrastructure

Design is a key step in creating any IT infrastructure or IT system. Particular attention should be paid to this stage and the selection of the contractor for companies planning to implement integrated infrastructure IT solutions and software systems in their organization.

Kernel systematic provides a full range of services in this area.
Our services include:

  • collection and analysis customer specifications;
  • development technical specifications;
  • development technical design and working documentation;
  • development operational documentation.
Service & solutions portfolio

System integration

System integration is a combination of separate automated processes and management tools together, which involves not only the use of existing systems, but also the creation of new ones.

System integration includes a certain set of work, the result of which will be the information and communication infrastructure of the organization.

The complex of work involving the use of high-tech equipment is carried out under the EPC contract (turnkey) with the following stages of the project

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Installation and commissioning works
Service & solutions portfolio

Outsourcing | Service maintenance

IT outsourcing has long been synonymous with cost savings with high quality services. Obviously, keeping a large staff of diverse IT specialists is not always justified. But knowledge and experience are sometimes not enough for the most basic needs of the company.
Maintenance of IT infrastructure should not be limited to servicing computers or administering any one type of server. This is a wide range of measures, which is aimed not only at supporting existing technical means, but also ensures the efficient use of information technologies and their consistent development along with the growth of the company.
We offer comprehensive IT support services: from planning and optimizing IT infrastructure, setting up servers and telecommunication equipment, to administering servers and servicing computers.

Service includes:
Basic Service
A set of services aimed at maintaining the smooth operation of individual systems, network elements, pieces of equipment and software in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Extended Service (Silver)
Technical support of computer systems, network infrastructure, software and engineering systems as a whole in accordance with SLA. A range of professional services is provided to clients, including pro-active measures for the integrated assessment of the health of the network and computing infrastructure, instrumental monitoring, as well as analysis and resolution of problems related to performance and compatibility.

Expert service (Gold)
The administrative and technical resource allocated for a specific project solves any complex tasks, such as: optimizing the architecture of the computing environment, testing the stability of new software versions, developing procedures and methods for migrating to recommended software versions, finding and localizing problems, setting up client hardware and software with The goal is to launch new IT services for end users.

Service & solutions portfolio

Outstaffing | Human resources

IT out-staffing. For the client, this approach turns into a lot of advantages. Without exhausting searches, trial and error, he receives a highly qualified system administrator, whose market services are so in demand that this created an acute shortage of proven personnel. The main advantages of using the company’s IT outstaffing service:

  • Coming to work in the organization of a high-level specialist, whose independent searches might not have been successful.
  • Saving the number of staff, which reduces the burden on the budget.
  • Unlike the incoming system administrator, the employee is always on the company’s territory, providing ongoing maintenance of IT services.
  • In the event of further impossibility to carry out their professional tasks (due to illness or due to vacation), another person with the same level of qualification comes to the place of the retired employee.
  • The specialized computer companies involved in outstaffing employ excellent specialists with extensive knowledge and valuable experience.
  • The client company will not need to pay anything if there is a technical failure that cannot be handled by one employee: his colleagues will be delegated to help him.
  • All problems will be fixed in a short time, which eliminates a simple information system that entails monetary losses for the client.


Also in our company you can get the following services within the framework of HR management:

  • Recruiting IT staff to the customer’s staff, which includes studying the specifics of your business, IT landscape and requirements for the candidate, searching for a candidate, initial interview, practical assignment and testing of a specialist with the subsequent transfer of selection results.
    Terms of cooperation:
    – The cost of selection is 15% of the annual GROSS salary after the trial period of the hired specialist
    – No prepayment
    – Payment after admission to the work of the accepted candidate within 15 working days
    – Free replacement of a specialist in case of failure to pass the trial period
    – The term for closing a vacancy is from 1 to 2 months, depending on combinations of such factors as: conditions / requirements / objectives / brand of the company / location of the company / substantive activity of the company, etc.
  • Temporary IT Director functions this service may be relevant in situations, for example: when your full-time IT Director leaves, and a new candidate has not yet been determined. In this case, the temporary IT director conducts an expert examination, accepts the work from the departing one and, after hiring a new IT director, “downloads” all the data / information into it, puts it in the know.